Closed Rhinoplasty

Closed rhinoplasty is an aesthetic method enabling a more controlled intervention by using waves instead of the classical bone-breaking method, allowing the bones to be stretched.


Eyelid Surgery

Also known as blepharoplasty, eyelid aesthetics is applied to both the upper and lower eyelids. This surgery involves the removal of sagging skin and muscle tissue and stretching of the tissues around the eyes.



When the ears protrude out of the head more vertically and prominently than usual and can be seen from the front or the back, this is called prominent ear deformity or otapostasis.



Deviation of the nasal septum in the midline of the nose due to various reasons is called septum deviation. In septum deviation, the bone and cartilage structure called the nasal septum is crooked making it difficult for the person to breathe through the nose. In some cases, this may even lead to complete closure of the holes.



Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist

He was born in 1979 in Kars. He graduated from Eskişehir Osmangazi University Faculty of Medicine in 2004. He completed his specialization in Otorhinolaryngology at Izmir Katip Çelebi University in 2010. He fulfilled his compulsory service at Şanlıurfa Training and Research Hospital. He has performed nearly 5000 rhinoplasty operations since the day he received his specialization.

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